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black and light black

abortion clinic punch-cards, alfred chester, alligator-infested sewers, an atlas, baby crocodiles, bleeding for your sins, brutal youth, crocodile tears, cross-pollination, decay, destroying the evidence, dolly parton, feeling happy, fleshsuits, food fights, frederik ruysch, hot self-immolating sluts, humor in suicide notes, i love your guts, insularity, little doggies, loving you better, mystery bruises, neuroscience, non sequiturs, not being scared, not needing to talk, playing the saw, polaroids, pressing ears to drainpipes, pulp, reducing everything to biology, removing my left leg, revoking your artistic license, running away, san judas tadeo, sedan, sewing my mouth shut, sleeping in the snow, sleeping under water, spectacular failure, starting fights, starving ghosts, straight jackets, stupider by the minute, talking heads, the artesian well, the desert, the melvins, the ocean, the old haunts, the sent down girl, the smiths, tickly eyelashes, usps, varietism, verbal economy, walking the ghost, xiu xiu